Privacy Policy

By visiting, certain information may be collected. This information is standard information that is transmitted over the internet, related to user activity on our website or information freely submitted by a website visitor for the purpose of completing a purchase.

Data that may be automatically collected upon visiting may include pages the visitor views during a website session, the duration of the visit, the visitor’s operating system, the browser used, or the visitor’s IP address. This information is collected for all or some of the reasons listed below:

To improve functionality of the website
To improve content displayed on the website
To process a transaction initiated by the website visitor
To send periodic emails
To improve customer service

None of these details collected (or, freely submitted by a visitor through a website order form, for example) is sold.

There is no way that visitors can review the information that may be collected, other than the data the customer already possesses, such as credit card information; however, if you would like your name or email address removed from our contact list(s), you may send a request to [email protected]. Queen Esther Hair Covers and its marketing partners do take some security measures to ensure that any shared information is not misused.

This Privacy Policy is dated April 23, 2015. Queen Esther Hair Covers reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time and without notice.